To develop materials that can restore shape and function of damaged body parts.
Our mission is to provide recycled materials that do not use cells.
Especially for the investigation of native organ derived material for kidney regeneration.
We are working hard on development.


We have been focusing on various functions of the extracellular skeleton mainly composed of collagen as well as bioactive molecules, and have developed a technology that efficiently removes cellular components from tissues and organs derived from living organisms by applying a technique called “decellularization”. It was.
The resulting cell-free exoskeleton promotes tissue repair in the body and has an excellent function of rapidly self-organizing, and exhibits a very powerful repair effect even in kidneys that can never be regenerated. (2017 World Surgical Society Excellent Presentation Award).
If we can use the extracellular skeleton made mainly of collagen from the living body as a medical material, we will be able to enhance the self-healing potential of tissues and organs, and we expect to realize an innovative treatment that has never been seen before.
Because cell components are removed by the process of “decellularization”, there is almost no risk of rejection or tumorization, and no complicated manufacturing work is required, so it can be delivered to the patient during very short manufacturing period.


A new technology called decellularization

It is known that removing all cells from the body leaves an extracellular skeleton composed mainly of transparent collagen. It has been shown that proteins such as collagen play a very important role in the self-repair of tissues. However, in order to efficiently extract the active components of this extracellular skeleton, Technology "(Nat Med 2010, Cell Transplant 2013).


Technological innovation

The original idea of ​​our technology is different from conventional regenerative medicine, and evokes the natural healing power and self-healing power inherent in the human body without administering cells such as iPS cells from the outside. This is a completely new concept of medical technology that can achieve innovative therapeutic effects while using biomedical materials.